From mud to a premium brand

We turned a technology innovation into
a product, a brand and a business

Syngenta Flowers invented a new form of nutritionally optimised soil (ie they came to us with ‘better mud’). It makes it easier for people to keep plants alive for longer. They asked us to wrap a brand around it and develop a product and audience strategy.

We introduced new language into gardening

So we created KADO (from the Japanese word meaning The Way of the Flowers). We created everything, the name, the POS, the packaging and a website that took the aesthetics and language of fashion and perfume into gardening – to support a more premium priced product. Now we’re expanding the brand’s presence across Instagram and all social media.

A look book for your garden

To launch KADO season two we created an Instagram lookbook for your garden, to inspire budding gardeners where they look for inspiration. We shot a library of images that show how plants bring life to your home, from the urban oasis to the curated back-yard.


This is my garden.

The 1st consumer brand in the gardening category with a clear benefit:longer lasting flowers.



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