Reimagining Product Sampling and Discovery for Influenster


With 6 million active members and over 50 million product reviews, Influenster is the go-to destination for product sampling, ratings, and reviews. After a decade, the brand had plateaued and needed a major strategic, structural, and visual overhaul to breathe life back into it, broaden its audience, and reassert Influenster’s dominance in the product discovery and sampling space. 


Over 8 months, we collaborated with Influenster’s in-house teams to deliver a reimagined desktop and app experience. We deepened understanding of members’ needs and showed how to unlock untapped markets and attract prospective members. We analysed underused features and alienating aesthetic choices, identifying four key actions: overhaul the design system, simplify onboarding, improve product interaction, and increase sampling opportunities. Underpinning strategy and design is a modern, reactive platform, delivering dynamic content through a unified codebase.

Growth of BETA members
NPS score
Recommend to a friend increase


Infuenster’s redesign had a quick and noticeable impact. The beta launch was open to only 1% of Influenster members, but quickly grew through WOM as the community took to Reddit, Facebook and Instagram to rave about the new app.


Reimagining the Product Discovery & Sampling Experience with Influenster

Reimagining product sampling and discovery for one of the world’s largest online communities

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