Just Eat Digital Transformation


Back when Just Eat began, their main value to customers was in information provision and simplifying orders. But with today’s smartphones allowing customers to do their own research, and multiple competitors providing stellar food-ordering experiences, Just Eat needed a new point of differentiation, and a new path to success.


Over nine months, we collaborated with Just Eat to completely transform their product offering. With their Leadership team, we reinforced strategic business priorities by defining cross-departmental objectives and key results.

With their consumer product team, we designed the next-generation consumer experience, seamlessly integrating order tracking, dynamic pricing and advanced recommendations.

Collaborating with Beyond enabled us to transform our product experience and strategically ensure that the customer remained at the heart of everything we do.

Fernando Fanton, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Just Eat


Our shared goal was for Just Eat to achieve half a billion orders by 2021. They reached this goal twice over, surpassing the 1-billion order mark in autumn 2021.


Just Eat Digital Transformation

Top-to-bottom redesign of future vision and strategy, and optimised product offering.

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