MOJU is the UK’s no 1 functional shot brand. However as 2022 rolled on, the cost of living crisis was driving consumers to look towards supermarket own brands to get their functional shot fix - with us losing a greater share of the market.

Wake. Shake. Boom. 96S


MOJU is a tonic, for body, mind and spirit. An antidote for everyday life. Our ‘get thru cru’ audience are more in need of this than ever. They want to give every day their best shot even if they feel a little under the weather.

MOJU’s immune boosting properties make consumers feel like it’s doing them some good, with a pick-me-up kick to boot. A big effect from a small shot.

We needed to give the audience a taste of this in our comms.


Our media experience was designed to INVIGORATE, just like our shots. We juxtaposed our bright creative against dull environments; triggering digital out of home when the weather was cold and the mood was dark.

Our ‘fewer bigger better’ mantra concentrated our efforts on high impact formats across London’s transport network - reaching nearly 80% of our commuting ‘Get Thru Cru’ in dire need of a boost. 

Once MOJU is in hand, we know consumers are likely to return to us. Creating ‘no dead ends’, was particularly important to the campaign's success. 

Social and Video primed the audience, then localised OOH sites near Co-op & Sainsburys offered a free shot through a QR code. Closing the loop.

Wake. Shake. Boom. D48

6x Increase
YoY Growth


The campaign had a huge shift on brand metrics, increasing unprompted awareness by +67% and brand search by +126%. This highlights increased relevance through context, in timing and placement.

As a result of the campaign MOJU usage went up 6x and we had the biggest sales month ever recorded, in January. We became the fastest growing soft drinks brand, with 71% year-on-year growth.


A shot of invigoration

MOJU are the No1 functional shot brand, however by 2023 the market had wind and supermarket own brands were nipping at their heels. We used media as an extension of the product. Resulting in the largest month of sales ever and becoming the fastest growing soft drinks brand.


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