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The National Caravan Council had been running outdoor lifestyle event, the Motorhome & Caravan Show for 8 years. They explained that their visitor numbers had been consistent for years and were looking for a fresh approach. Their advertising had traditionally been a montage of manufacturer footage and images and very left-brain (rational) in its thinking. 

Turning instinct into action

We know from the research and analysis work done by Binet, Field and Wood based on 18 years of IPA data, that right-brain advertising (appealing on an emotional level) is more effective long-term. It builds memory structures about the brand, ultimately increasing the return on marketing investment and brand growth. But more so than that, it has been proven to impact things in the short-term. More so than tactical activation has impact long-term.

Our research showed that staycations and eco-tourism were on the rise helping us define an audience profile for the show. We pitched campaign creative that really honed in on the emotion of getting outdoors, positioning the predominantly leisure vehicle focussed show as being for ‘the biggest of adventures’.

Britain has some breath-taking scenes – from the dramatic to the picturesque. Using breath-taking imagery of these landscapes really captured the feeling creating an emotive connection with our audience.

The campaign ran across specialist press, radio, TV, OOH and exhibition design. After years of promoting their show and it's offering in a literal way, NCC really embraced the new direction.

Actual vs target ticket sales
Tickets sold
Over 100k

Stop, collaborate and list 'em

Andy Robson helped bring the concept to life through words. Method In Motion to make the tight TV budget work and – with the weather gods shining down on us and a excellent Land Rover expedition – we shot the ad in a day and a half on Lake Buttermere. Verity Milligan shot the stills – literally into the face of a thunderstorm and in the aftermath the following morning. Radio was recorded by the ever helpful and hugely talented Brian Savin.


Using emotive messaging to drive action and long-term brand growth

Visitor numbers for the Motorhome & Caravan Show had been consistent for years. Previous campaigns were very short-term activation focussed. Our emotive campaign was built to encourage brand growth, delivered on TV, radio, outdoor and press.

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