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Transport for West Midlands aim is to create a world-class public transport network delivered by a best in class organisation. Big Cat was tasked with developing a creative identity and simplified messaging to communicate the key consumer benefits of Swift – a transport smart card for use on buses and trams.

Turning instinct into action

The benefits of the Swift card are in the autopilot nature of it. Top it up and off you pop. Campaign messaging clearly communicated these benefits, breaking them down into multiple executions to motivate actions amongst different audience groups. All signed off with the Swift Card and campaign line – 'Travel Smarter'

A beautiful and simple illustration style was used to add personality and aid recognition of the Swift brand.

Website visits totalling 69,715
Direct website visits
Website visits via social media
Swift Cards in circulation raising from 2,375 to 5,582

Stop, collaborate and list 'em

Illustrations from the incredible, Deanna Halsall.


A swift change in behaviour

Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) wanted more people to pay for travel with the new Swift card – a transport smart card for buses and trams. Understanding the difference in audience groups and their habits was key to the success of the campaign.

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