Chilly's Bottles

We scaled Chilly’s Bottles in a way true to David (not Goliath), proving that being a David is a mindset effective regardless of the level of budget.

The Brief

The product is brilliant. A reusable water bottle that keeps your water cold for 24 hours, hot for 12 hours. The timing was perfect. Cultural attitudes were shifting, quickly. There was an appetite for reusable products. The challenge? Competition is fierce. There are 5-6 reusable bottle companies fighting tit for tat for market share, and it's a battle to the death. Game On.

The Strategy

Our objective was to scale hard, but scale efficiently, to make sure every pound was being spent wisely. We were determined to get more from less, to prove that being a David is a mindset that can be applied regardless of the size of the budget.

Brand Building

Many brands will choose between brand building and direct response. Although we had a significant budget, we needed to prove the ROI on every penny we spent. We also knew that brand building would improve our overall effectiveness, and so our strategy combined the two, to great effect.


We dropped our ego, and decided that Facebook's algorithm could do a far better job than we ever could with targeting. We went all in on broad targeting, giving Facebook as much data as we could so that it could find the people who were most likely to take action.

I didn't know I needed a water bottle until I saw Chilly's Bottles in my news feed.

Daryl Hughes, Head of Ecommerce, Facebook


We focused our efforts on creative execution. Rather than creating big, expensive, brand videos, we focused on a series of social-first short snappy videos that stopped people in their tracks. We tested hard - with 4,358 different variations of adverts over the year period. We tapped into current cultural trends - such as Rose Gold, Avocado and Flamingo. It's safe to say the fans went nuts (just check the comments).


We hit our target audience from multiple angles in the feed - a micro influencer campaign on top of our paid spend. We worked with 15 micro influencers over a period of six months to increase our reach and influence. We also undertook product collaborations with Pret a Manger, Zanna van Dijk, and Emma Bridgewater.

Community Management

We utilised the power of social proof, concentrating on a few key bottle designs as eye grabbers before taking people down the funnel. We let our customers do our selling for us, with our community flooding the comments of each post with positive testimonials.

The Creative Work

The creative was focused on being thumb stopping, whilst creating individual looks for each branded bottle. The assets created included animation, videography and photography and span newsfeed and stories.

The Results

Chilly’s was named #1 in the Sunday Times Fast-Track 100 in 2019, making it the fastest growing private company in the UK (+285% growth over the previous 3 years).

Return on advertising spend
1 Billion+
Direct Sales
New fans & followers


Chilly's Bottles

We scaled Chilly’s Bottles in a way true to David (not Goliath), proving that being a David is a mindset effective regardless of the level of budget.

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