When Bravissimo first approached us, they were looking for a paid media campaign that fit with their organic presence.

Their latest body-positivity campaign ‘I Am’ connected with women far and wide – and they wanted to bring that same message to their social media ads.

To increase brand awareness and build sales, we were tasked with building a full-funnel paid plan to reach and resonate with big-boobed women across the UK.

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Reaching new audiences

Finding big-boobed women isn’t exactly straightforward, so we had to be smart. Our top-of-funnel targeting aimed to reach all women ages 18-65+. Then, as we moved down the funnel, we focused on serving personalised messages to each age group.

Making it social-first

With nothing but a library of still images to work with, we had to lean on our in-house creativity to bring the creative to life. Leading with visuals of Bravissimo employees in their lingerie, the graphics were paired with empowering statements, and uplifting voiceovers from each model.



Giving big-boobed women a boost by taking Bravissimo’s ‘I Am’ campaign and giving it a social-first makeover.

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