iamproperty - Smell the Difference campaign


iamproperty were set to launch a new compliance product to their Estate Agent partners which supports them with the requirement of the HMRC’s anti money laundering legislation. This was an important first brand activation for iamproperty and they were looking for a ‘statement’ moment.  

Working to a tight budget, and an even tighter turnaround, iamproperty wanted a distinctive activation that generated trade media coverage to raise awareness of the brand and product with the Estate Agent market and leads to the website. In addition, the client wanted a campaign specific social media content created and a number of ownable assets.  


o launch the iamproperty compliance solution to the market, we proposed a live activation supported by two story moments. 

The first saw a piece of research highlighting that 80% of Estate Agents understood the Anti Money Laundering legislation, yet almost a third did not think their agency met the requirements.

The second story moment, on the day of the activation highlighted that 88% of Estate Agents believe their instincts are reliable in detecting money laundering in a property sale and 6 in 10 didn’t think it was an issue in their area.

We worked with a perfumer to create the scent of money which was infused in £20 notes attached to street level billboard with an interactive graphic, asking passers-by to identify the smell of laundered money.  


First, we worked with an aroma house in Oxfordshire to create the scent of money. Our liquid aroma was then applied to oversized £20 notes stuck on a washing line running across 15 street level billboards surrounding Southwark Station in London.  

On the day of activation we challenged passers-by to guess which half of the note carried the scent of laundered money, and which was the scent of legally clean cash. The answer being that they were both the same. Money laundering is hard to detect and as such Estate Agents can no longer rely on their instincts to detect laundered money in a property sale.


  • Four weeks of social media content that highlighted the research and the event activation including:
  • Branded videos on how we created the smell of money, a wrap-up of the activation, an interview with their compliance expert and a behind-the-scenes look at how money laundering is done in the property market.
  • Carousels of custom infographics highlighting our research
  • Photography of the various parts of the activation
  • A longer form campaign wrap-up video that went out to various trade media.
  • A mini white paper summarising the activation and key data created as an ownable asset for the website
  • Custom aroma diffuser bottles that were branded and filled with the money scent, delivered to specific Estate Agents inviting them to the activation


On the day we spoke to a large number of people on the street who had no idea that money laundering in the UK is such a significant issue and the majority correctly guessed that the two scents were identical.

The campaign achieved 12 pieces of coverage within the priority Estate Agent media with 4 backlinks and an average DA of 30. 

We certainly filled the brief of an experiential activation which stood out in the industry. The client has valuable owned assets and was delighted with the overall campaign.


iamproperty - Smell the Difference campaign

iamproperty were set to launch a new compliance product to their Estate Agent partners which supports them with the requirement of the HMRC’s anti money laundering legislation.

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