Making free-from, full of


Freaks of Nature launched a range of free-from desserts into the chiller aisle in 2016, but their rate of sale was slow and they were struggling to apply the brand to new innovation lines. Our challenge was to help drive sales and help develop a range architecture.


The rate of sale challenge was a brand one. The existing brand identity was playing into familiar tropes of free-from; it was focused on the fact that it was different but without any obvious, emotional reason to engage. 

This was a problem. Whilst the free-from category as a whole is booming; this growth is largely being driven by free-from ‘lifestylers’. People who opt-in to free-from rather than those forced into it for medical reasons. As such, to succeed, free-from brands have to find something positive to say.


We had an obvious starting-point with the name. Culturally, being a freak had traditionally been seen as something negative. But, more emergently, this idea of being a freak was something that we celebrated. It signaled an independence of spirit and mind. So we turned the brandmark into symbol of independence; a badge of pride. In execution, this badge of pride resembled the sort you would apply to a jacket or a bag to signal you're identity to the world.

The new mark helped solve our second challenge too. The new holding shape allowed the brand to communicate the different ranges with an eclectic set of bold patterns, without losing the core brand equity.

No. 1
Manufacturer of plant-based hot puddings in the UK
YOY growth

We are thoroughly delighted with the new look for our brand. BrandOpus were truly excited about working with Freaks of Nature and this translated into their creativity and passion.

Peter Ahye, Founder


Making free-from, full of

A new identity and packaging design for Freaks of Nature that helped them compete with mainstream dessert brands on supermarket shelves. We made the brand proud to be different and helped them become the no. 1 plant-based hot pudding in the UK.

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