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At BrandOpus we have always understood that a brand is the most powerful tool that a business can use to affect behaviour change both internally and externally.

This isn't just a matter of faith. We have spent many years working with leading cognitive neuroscientists to understand what actually drives consumers behaviour and how to affect it.

It's why we dedicate ourselves completely to brands; helping to understand the challenges they face, define what they stand for in the world and bring them to life in ways that are memorable and disruptive.

We're here for people and businesses, from start-ups to multi-nationals, who believe that their brand can make a real difference.






Building Brand Resilience Over Short-Term Relevance

There have been a lot of predictions made about what the world will look like as we emerge from the Coronavirus crisis. But we can’t predict the future. So, instead, we’ve tried to understand the present with a wider lens to see not what is changing, but what has already changed. The presentation outlines five behavioural and attitudinal observations and then looks at their implications for how brands can recover, adjust and, critically, build resilience.


What do disruptors do when they become the establishment?

Creating a disruptor brand in today's crowded marketplace is arguably the quickest way to get noticed. Delving deeper into the craft beer market and using Brewdog's recent redesign as an example, we look at two typical outcomes that occur when a disruptor brand significantly grows. One, they metaphorically sell out and become part of the establishment; Two, they choose to be a craft brand forever and stay small. Which poses the question - how do disruptor brands grow without selling their soul?