Already the market leader in clinical trials, the merger of ERT and Bioclinica gave both businesses the chance to extend their global leadership and shape the future of the industry.

Internally, we needed to bring over 6,000 employees on the integration journey – providing reassurance about the merger, while building employee belief and commitment on the future of the business. Externally, we needed to articulate the value of the ‘new’ business to clients and the wider industry, reflecting their unrivalled experience and expertise – blended with state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge solutions.


Our starting point was to focus on the purpose. We created ‘Transforming lives by unlocking better evidence’. We then worked with the ELT to articulate four ambition statements and five strategic imperatives.

In November 2021, we launched Clario. This was supported with a new visual identity, market positioning, value proposition and brand themes. We also defined a new cultural framework, including values and behaviours. We developed an extensive launch strategy to immerse employees in the new business, focusing on the business, culture, customers and patients.


The business saw a significant rise in pride following the launch of the new brand, a Top Workplace award by Energage, a considerable market impact, and a substantial increase in organic net revenue. In just seven months, we delivered a carefully sequenced, end-to-end purpose transformation program.

I am very proud of the way this came together and am happy about all the positive responses I have been receiving […] Having a brand that better represents who we are and where we are going will pay large dividends with employees and in the market.

Joe Eazor, Former CEO, Clario


A market-leading merger, driven by purpose

We partnered with the Clario team to develop a new business story with a unifying purpose, ambition statements, strategic priorities and values. We developed a new name, identity, website and internal as well as external launch strategy.

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