GCEN had built a successful business over 15 years, growing organically through relationships and word of mouth. With the merger of the currency brokerage and payment services agency (GCEN) with the corporate custodial services company (GCS), there was an opportunity to define a name that represents the business they wanted to become, as well as re-energise the visual identity to make it a springboard for growth.

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Working with the leadership team, we created a unifying brand story and brand narrative that captures the combine proposition of GCEN and GCS.

We developed the name GC Partners to showcase the company's 'trusted partner characteristic.

The tagline, 'Our service is our currency,' sums up the core of the business and the attitude with which they do it - GC Partners does not just offer currency exchange and custodianship, they listen, make and deliver bespoke financial solutions that work for their customers.


The new brand identity showcases GC Partners' close customer relationships and ability to deliver a bespoke personal approach. The new logo, comprising a hallmark and wordmark, acts as a strong visual representation of the new name. It identifies GC Partners as a trusted and commercially savvy organisation whilst also showing a sense of heritage and history.

Our new brand represents an important step in our business’s evolution – reflecting the strength of our unified offering as we disrupt the market and grow the business.

Martin Cox, CEO & Founder of GC Partners


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