Match: Model Males


Match challenged us to demonstrate that single women can find high quality men on its site. What better way to demonstrate that Match is amply stocked with eligible batchelors than a pop-up shop full to the brim with single gents?


Using 3D printing technology, we arranged for seven of Match’s perfect gentlemen to be turned into miniature versions of themselves with their profile information (name, age, occupation, and their best qualities) featured on the figurine’s packaging. Single ladies could browse the ‘Model Males’ shop and if they found a man they thought could be a perfect match, they could get in touch with the real-life member by following a link on the packaging.

The pop-up was positioned as a response to the rise of dating practices such as ghosting (vanishing without a trace) and breadcrumbing (leading someone on).

The Model Males pop-up shop in Marylebone saw hundreds of women checking out the vital statics of real-life members.

We used 3D technology to create seven miniture versions of real-life male match members.


Results are still rolling in but to date we’ve nabbed 47 pieces of coverage, with 39% in nationals including the Daily Mail (three pieces across print and online), The Times and Telegraph Online, a writer from which was one of our Model Males. BBC Radio 5 Live also interviewed participants and The Times T2 section used the initiative as the basis for a double page feature.

increase in site traffic during launch week
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Increase in site traffic during August
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