Persuasive pyrotechnics for Iglu

Mouth ulcers can be explosively painful. Iglü is a highly effective treatment which competes head-on with Bonjela, the biggest name in the category. But Iglü’s different. The formula not only treats and soothes the ulcer, but forms a shield that protects against the pain of eating and drinking.

We wanted to tell that protection story in the most dramatic and unconventional way. So we looked for inspiration from beyond healthcare, where brands like Dyson, Honda and Apple make consumers question the category rules. 

The core of our idea: Exploding Food.

High speed filming showcases how different foods can aggravate a mouth ulcer.

TV was reinforced with VOD, targeted outdoor and trade advertising. 

The results were pretty explosive too. The campaign smashed all targets (sorry but we don’t share the data publicly) for reach and sales, breaking bigger spending brands' dominance in the category, and went on to win the 2018 OTC Award for Best Audio Visual Advertising Campaign.


Persuasive pyrotechnics for Iglu

Our explosive campaign for Iglu targeted consumers who haven't got time to let mouth ulcers get in their way.

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