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Fierce loyalty is not a quality that is often associated with the printer ink market. Customers might have a clear preference for their brand of printer, but when it comes to replacement ink cartridges, the cheapest option often wins.

There’s a misconception that because a number of competitor cartridges will fit, any replacement ink will do. Moreover, there’s a common suspicion that manufacturers lure in the customer with a competitively priced printer, then hammer them with expensive ink.

With HP’s Instant Ink subscription service, replacement cartridges are ordered directly by the HP printer before the current cartridge runs out, with new ink delivered directly to the front door.



HP wanted to increase adoption of HP Instant Ink among home users and increase overall awareness of the service to 40% by the end of 2019. 


Key challenges

Our audience analysis and market research by HP revealed two key challenges faced by HP Instant Ink.

Customers were simply confused by existing messaging, thus not convinced by the advantages of switching to a subscription-based model.

Secondly, few customers were aware that ‘any ink will do’ was far from the truth. Using non-HP ink in an HP printer might be cheaper in the short term, but research showed that in the long term it would mean lower quality prints, more paper use, and a greater likelihood of faulty or substandard ink cartridges. 

Creative strategy

Bbd refined a proposition that focused on three key selling points for HP Instant Ink:

•  Convenience

•  Price

•  Quality

Replacement ink delivered straight to your door was a compelling enough argument, but even consumers accustomed to the 24/7 on-demand nature of modern shopping needed clear guidance on how the service worked.


Our solution

We created a series of press ads that ran in London Metro to grow overall awareness of HP Instant Ink. These were supported throughout 2019 by social media ads and banners that explained the key disparities in quality, reliability and price between Instant Ink and generic brands.

The results

With a daily circulation of around 1.4 million, Metro delivered full-page HP Instant Ink ads to the largest potential audience of any UK newspaper. 


Thinking Ink with HP

We produced a series of print ads to drive subscriptions to HP Instant Ink, the service that delivers supplies straight to your door. The full page ads ran in Metro newspaper in London, and were part of an ongoing strategy to increase market share and customer loyalty for HP ink

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