YOUR Insurance brand guidelines

YOUR Insurance provides insurance to small businesses and sole traders. It is part of the Towergate Insurance family of brands.


The client wanted to establish a clear identity for the YOUR Insurance brand. To start this process, they had completed a brand workshop exercise. This had captured thoughts and information across elements of the brand such as mission, vision, values and audience personas. But this information was not in a usable format as it was spread across dozens of individual workshop sheets.

YOUR Insurance approached bbd to create the brand narrative, brand voice and brand identity guidelines from this information. These documents would be used by YOUR Insurance employees to create collateral and copy.

Approach / Planning

The Client initially saw the output as two separate docs - one containing brand narrative and brand voice, the other containing the visual brand guidelines. We believed all elements of the brand should be united within a single, comprehensive document - a recommendation that the client was happy to accept.

The first job was to assess and assimilate all the information and match it to the ‘wish list’ of sections that the client wanted to see in the guidelines. This exercise also highlighted areas of useful brand insight that didn’t fit in the original wish list, so we proposed new pages within the guidelines to capture this. This gave us a clear view of the content, which we were then able to put into a logical running order.

This was the original wishlist

An overview of:

• Business/brand context

• What the brand stands for

• Brand summary

• Relation to partner brands - might not be enough to be a whole section

• Audience and archetypes

• Company mission and purpose

• Brand personailty

• Brand tone and voice

This is how the contents ended up


On the front sections of the guidelines, we had basic information on aspects such as mission, values and vision. From this, we were able to more fully articulate the brand’s stance and turn raw facts into engaging, meaningful explanations.

When it came to how YOUR Insurance should sound, we had to ‘find’ the brand voice from all the different pieces of information. By working through the purpose, vision, mission and values of the brand, the personality of YOUR Insurance started to shine through. From this we were able to create and document the brand voice, setting out the four pillars that guide expression, along with samples of how the voice sounds in copy.

To further support YOUR Insurance employees in creating on-brand copy, we also included sections on ‘Communicating with impact’, more examples of brand expression and tips for great writing. To help ensure consistency, we also included a style guide which covered use of punctuation, date style, job title capitalisation etc. This meant anyone could pick up the brand voice guidelines and work with them.

The visual identity

Our brief on the look and feel was fairly straightforward. The logo and primary green had to stay the same, but everything else was up for grabs. This project was running to a fixed budget, and therefore didn’t extend to include the creation of any physical assets or collateral. So instead, we focused on creating a comprehensive but flexible design system which reflects the tone and character of the new proposition, messaging and audiences.

First, we took the abstract shape from the logo to create a new graphical device – our protective bubble – which can be used alongside our new, vibrant colour palette to create dynamic, varied layouts. We also selected a contemporary, free-to-use, google font which can be used on the web as well as offline.

The final piece of the puzzle was to provide guidance on selecting and using imagery. Again, cost effectiveness was a priority here, so we limited our searching to free libraries such as We defined two specific types of photographic image – people and objects – and gave clear guidance on what makes a good selection. We then also sourced a library of vector icons to help bring to life more abstract pieces of content. Rather than create from scratch, we chose a suite from a library which sat well within the brand aesthetics, then applied rules around the use of brand colour.

The resulting visual guidelines document provides a framework for internal or external marketers, designers and employees to create new collateral within clearly defined rules around use of colour, photography and type.

The first draft of the document was, it turns out, very nearly perfect. Here’s what the client had to say:

Just gone through on a high level with a smile on my face top to bottom as this feels so close to what I wanted!.



In the space of less than two weeks, we delivered a comprehensive and engaging set of brand guidelines for YOUR Insurance. The content goes well beyond basic, executional guidelines. Within the pages, there’s a well-rounded brand narrative, documenting the backstory and future ambitions for the brand. The brand guidelines are now the go-to resource for YOUR Insurance - enabling anyone in the company to represent their brand with consistency and conviction.

What the client had to say

On delivery of the finished guidelines:

Really good work everyone. Love it! We are really pleased with it all. Thanks again.

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YOUR Insurance brand guidelines

Capturing the essence, voice and visual language of YOUR Insurance turning it into engaging, comprehensive brand guidelines.

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