The Brooklyn Brothers have worked with Jaguar Land Rover for 8 years, partnering with them to pioneer a new way of launching their premium vehicles around the world with integrated marketing strategies that include PR, social and word-of-mouth at their heart. We develop programs that get talked about in culture, across social platforms and in earned media. We use key customer, influencer and cultural voices to tell our story and create demand for their products building brand awareness and broadening their audience. This long-term brand-building program is changing the way Jaguar does its marketing throughout Europe, and the first season of activity helped the brand reach a new, younger audience in the region.

Jaguar had recently launched a new family of SUV cars: models designed for young progressives that should form 70% of total sales volumes throughout Europe. The trouble was, the brand was just not on the radar of this target audience. Brand familiarity and affinity was low versus the opposition, and as a result, the products were not on the consideration list of potential buyers. A tactical, traditional ATL-led marketing approach was not telling the brand story or building a customer base, and the game needed to be changed. Our brief was to drive brand familiarity with a conquest audience, to make Jaguar more relevant to more people in Europe, leveraging the PACE family of cars.

We developed an integrated, pan-European program of content, events and experiences called The Pace – featuring pioneering creative collaborations with pacesetting figures from culture. Season One kicked off with a music and technology partnership with one of the world’s highest-profile singer-songwriters, Dua Lipa.

For the program launch, Dua Lipa collaborated with Jaguar to make music in a completely new way. Using Jaguar’s custom-made software, she created an exclusive remix of her latest track, ‘Want To’ and empowered fans all over the world to create personalized remixes using their own data – from the way they drove a Jaguar or the songs they listened to.

The track quickly became the most remixed song in history following its launch at an exclusive gig in Amsterdam. Here fans, media and social influencers from across Europe watched the performance and also drove the all-electric I-PACE to create their own versions of the song. To allow anyone across the world to remix the track, we created an innovative web app, so the public could create their own versions using their Spotify streaming history – taking data from the music they listen to and rearranging elements of the track to create a personalized version.

Over a million different remixes were possible, with multiple tempos and versions based on a range of music genres from hip-hop and dance, to orchestral, pop music and drum and bass. We created behind the scenes film and photographic content of Dua Lipa creating her remix by driving a Jaguar. As well as footage of her exclusive performance in Amsterdam, which was shared by Dua, media and social influencers. GQ Magazine called the partnership “a compelling example of contemporary, collaborative advertising”. The integrated, multi-channel activity took the story of the ground-breaking collaboration to a huge audience across Europe, driving conversation and shares of our content.

Dua Lipa shared our content to her huge audience on social channels and this resulted in 12,900 mentions of the campaign in earned conversations on Twitter and Instagram. 67% of these mentions featured references to the Jaguar PACE cars, and 70% included key campaign messages. Sentiment of conversation was overwhelmingly positive.



— 18.7m video views

— 57,844 web app remixes

— 94m social channel reach

— 32.5m earned media reach

— 67.2m earned broadcast reach

— 264m impressions

— Earned coverage sentiment: ‘Superlative’

— 97.3% coverage in non-automotive media