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The Challenge.

How do we gain market share by disrupting a category of big-spending competitors whose communications paint a false and disempowering myth of perfect parenting.


Over half of parents feel like they're failing in their first year. The biggest offenders were our category competitors and social media who sold them a myth of perfect parenting.

The solution.

The baby care category projects images of perfect parenting which are causing parents to feel like they’re failing. #ThisIsParenthood flipped the category on it’s head by celebrating the perfectly imperfect world of parenthood, tackling taboos and dispelling myths. To do this we documented real parents from across the world during their first year of parenthood - from the highs to the lows. We created a series of short films, a documentary, photo series, social content and OOH to inspire self-belief in parents across the world through the power of honesty.


#ThisIsParenthood changed the conversation around parenting – sparking honest and open debate in social.

• Cultural value – 75% share of culture vs Pampers & Huggies

• Brand value – 7+ up-lift in brand consideration

• Business value – 5+ increase in sales to date in key market.

WaterWipes tells the truth about parenthood

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This Is Parenthood

#ThisIsParenthood launched in direct to response to global research that showed that over half of parents felt like they were failing in their first year. The project aimed to change the conversations around parenthood and inspire self-belief in every parent through honesty.