Ding Dong, Avon Calling

…But no one was answering. Despite 130 years of heritage and some of the highest brand recognition in the world, Avon was losing relevance, being outshone by challenger beauty brands in both traditional retail and e-commerce. However, you don't spend over a century in business without a little know-how, so Avon set out to show its competitors that beauty is more than skin deep by creating a new health & wellness supplements brand.

We created a new brand called Espira, built on the idea of ‘empowering radiance,’ and brought to life through a visual identity system bursting with optimistic energy and vitality. Vibrant patterns emanate upwards from the brand mark, cueing the inside-out power of the natural ingredients contained within, creating an intuitive pillaring system for the range, including; boost, restore and glow. The gold foiled brand mark reinforces Espira’s premium positioning and Avon’s credibility in real beauty. 

Because when you feel great on the inside, it shows on the outside.


Ding dong, Avon calling…

Avon set Bulletproof the challenge of creating a new beauty and energy supplements brand that would target the modern woman, delivering real benefits that could be seen and felt.

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