Caffe Nero Iced Drinks Cup

Taking inspiration from Europe

Inspired by Italian architecture, street signage and European tiles, we created a series of patterns that were influenced by traditional European design and modernised for a contemporary audience. 

Meticulously hand drawing the tiles, we created letter press blocks, that were printed, scanned and reproduced on computer for truly authentic textures that translate through to the final cup design. Careful print production ensured maximum detail was retained on the final product. The seasonal cups were so well received in the UK, they have since been used in Europe and the US.

Hand drawn animations were created to showcase each of the iced drinks through social media


Caffe Nero Iced Drinks

In everything they do, Nero holds authenticity with the highest regard. When tasked with designing the new iced drinks cup, we were asked to reflect craftsmanship and traditional Italian aesthetic with a contemporary twist.

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