FA Blind European Championships

The Problem:

In association with British Blind Sports and the FA, the European Blind Football Championships were looking for an identity to promote the competition, engaging a diverse audience both locally and nationally whilst celebrating the incredible talent of the athletes competing.

The solution

Without vision, the other senses become heightened in order to navigate space and in order to play the game. Using animals to represent these heightened senses, we created a glossy campaign and positioned the athletes as super-human. The snake-like intricacy of dribbling, owl-like acuity combined with the tenacity of the big-cats. Overarching the campaign was the tagline ‘Trust Your Senses’.

We knew that we needed iconic branding for this event and CellarDoor shared our determination to create something worthy of these world class athletes.

Lucy Proctor, Marketing Director


FA Blind European Championships

Promotion and branding of the Blind Football European Championships.

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