O-Water Brand and Packaging

The Challenge

No&More wanted a brand and packaging that better reflected the values they hold, and the product they had so carefully developed. After a number of years pushing the product and a lot of marketing to explain the product, it was apparent that the brand and name was not resonating with customers or buyers.

The Solution

We developed a brand that was highlighted the craft and quality of the liquid. Carefully layering hand drawn illustrations, set against a muted clean colour palette that reflects the delicate flavour profile of the product. Structure provides a framework that allows the brand to speak clearly, whilst the drawings create detail and depth to the pack. Quality assurances are made through the production spec, using spot gloss on lettering and textured paper label.

The founders care deeply about the integrity of the product, the process they have developed to create a subtle flavour whilst remaining completely PH neutral. We ensure this care was echoed through the evolution of etched illustrations that were layered to reflect the flavour profile.

The Results

Before the brand was launched, it secured listings front of store and on shelf at Waitrose and across Carrefour in France.

Teaser press release for launch - photographing underwater typography.


O-Water Rebrand

O-Water is a steam distilled water with botanical extracts, all the goodness of water with a delicate flavour profile. After years in the market unable to communicate this, CellarDoor developed a new brand and pack to reflect the product and its unique positioning.

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