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A Higher Gear

A start-from-scratch redesign for an automative icon.

An experience worthy of BMW.

Luxury, meticulous craft, and breathtaking performance define BMW. The digital experiences that BMW lovers use to explore and shop for the world's greatest driving machines should be no different. To make that happen, we've created the most advanced automotive ecosystem in the world, BMW OS—platforms, processes, tools, services, and experiences that give a customer everything they want and need from BMW. The best digital shopping, purchase, and ownership experience. Period.

Since choosing us as their Digital AOR in 2016, BMW has brought us into their financial services business, as well as the MINI brand (another ecosystem transformation engagement). There's a clear reason—we're kindred spirits. We mix bold design with precise attention to detail. Exciting new technologies, mindful efficiency. More value. More output. More leads. More sales. 

AEM Higher.

When we began working with BMW, they were on Adobe Experience Manager, but they weren’t getting much out of it. We needed to enable greater self-service (e.g., a publication workflow without needing technical support) and use AEM’s more modern capabilities – all while migrating hosting and upgrading the platform version. 

We were able to stay on the current version of AEM, reduce hosting costs, and improve website performance all at the same time. As a result, we’re now able to launch over 100 pages a quarter, hitting aggressive release schedules while never sacrificing an ounce of quality. 

Our global team has a finely honed, agile way of working that ensures optimal flow among design, content authoring, build and launch dates. And, with more technological maturity and increased automation, our team can now use less effort, crank out more work, and deliver better quality. As the images to the right attest, we literally updated 8 pages in a single month—a feat that our clients had never believed possible.

Digital Design System.

Our Digital Design Language (DDL) allows us to create an expanding library of design components, thoroughly annotated and rendered both as images and code snippets. 

Seamlessly Integrated: Because our team is both integrated and knowledgable beyond their given field of expertise (i.e., design, content , and development in constant dialogue), we’re able to get the most out of AEM and embed innovation and differentiation into every stage of everything we do.

Efficiency, Innovation, Scale: By creating reusable components, we generate efficiency. Efficiency generates more time to explore new creative possibilities, push boundaries, and expand our DDL. And a more robust library means that everything on BMWUSA site is rendered within a consistent design system, but each model of car can also have its own unique personality . In other words, the library gives us “freedom within a framework,” and the bigger our library gets, the more creative freedom we can extend across every page on the site.


BMW - Digital Transformation

A start-from-scratch redesign for an automative icon.

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