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Imagine a business that analyzes small samples of your blood to produce a genetic blueprint of your health—your risks, patterns, probabilities, possibilities. And as you age, and the science develops, they continue to help you adapt, live better, and possibly longer. To position you to get the right help; to ask the right questions. You’d need a PhD in biochemistry to grasp the science behind it. In fact, GoodCell has some of the best from Med Schools like Harvard and Stanford. But those same PhD’s needed our help wrapping up their futuristic offering within a brand that could speak to anyone without a doctorate.                      

GoodCell are leaders in science and medicine, dedicated to giving people the advantage of ongoing scientific innovation as it shapes the future of healthcare. To help them get to market, we helped them reimagine their brand—clarifying their essence and capturing their distinct character within a modern digital-first brand, complete with brand guidelines and toolkit, a redesigned website, a thoughtful member welcome experience, social and digital advertising. 


GoodCell is a health tech start-up, leading the future of personalized medicine, to provide the potential for a longer and healthier life. They represent the opportunity for you to know before disease happens, and to potentially cure you if it does. To deliver on that chance, they operate at the forefront of multiple healthcare services and technologies; genetics, diagnostics, biobanking and cell therapies. Each one of those services has its own unique set of considerations and competitors. But intertwining them into one service becomes near impossible for most anyone to comprehend and appreciate.  

So, we were tasked with helping distill the complexity of their first-to-market, direct-to-consumer offering into a simple and compelling proposition. We had to deliver a brand and messaging strategy that would allow any consumer interested in living a longer, healthier life to understand, trust and commit to GoodCell, without the benefit of a PhD. 

The Creative Idea

Curiosity is at the heart of GoodCell, so to tell their story we repositioned them as curiosity driven explorers. We created a brand, tone and aesthetic to be used across their communications ecosystem; by building them their own custom brand avatar—the pathfinder. Pathfinders are capable of deciphering our bodies’ underlying messages and guiding us towards a healthier possible. They do this by deftly navigating the vanguard of medicine and believing resolutely in life changing science.  

The Execution

We developed a new brand narrative bringing forth the idea of "Life. Changing. Science." through the voice and tone of a guide clearly steering people toward a longer, more fulfilling life. By providing the advantages that science and medical innovation can offer both now and in the future. 

We symbolized GoodCell's inquisitive spirit with a mark that's always searching to find the answers needed to unlock the potential inside us all. A simple idea that captures their curiosity perfectly, while staying broad enough to allow them to expand into new treatments and therapies as science advances, unlike their previous logo which focused specifically on blood cells. 

With life and science so core to this pioneering, health-sciences company, we crafted an identity system that brought both together. Juxtaposing the warmth of the human condition, with a sleek scientific precision. The interesting pairing of character meets precision inspiring every facet of the rebrand—from type selection and color choice through to how icons are crafted, and imagery used. All detailed in a living brand guideline fit for the digital age. 

The Strategy/Insight

People have come to expect greater agency over their healthcare today. We've got the power to quantify and track our health, leveraging the data we generate to understand more about our bodies, ask better questions, and make better decisions. And at the height of the pandemic, we were all more aware of our own mortality. Over half of US adults worry about their potential of developing a life-changing disease like Cancer, heart disease, or diabetes. At the same time, over 40 million people in the US live with a chronic, undiagnosed condition that interferes with their daily life. 

To improve health outcomes, the need for better and earlier diagnosis is critical. We needed to tap into the growing desire to control our own health destiny. Not by selling diagnostics and storage, but instead by focusing on the the potential to change the path of your life. The opportunity to live longer and healthier, avoiding the disabling effects of illness in favor of more time doing what you love, with who you love. A solution delivered through the advantages of today’s science as it becomes tomorrow’s medicine. 

The Results

Every aspect of the GoodCell customer experience was designed to pay off the brand's pathfinder personality, with an unwavering focus on reducing complexity and providing guidance across every touchpoint of the customer journey.  Our efforts worked. The GoodCell brand and messaging struck a cord with health-conscious American consumers. Following the relaunch, awareness media achieved 4x the benchmark for visits for a newly launched brand. And from those visitors to the GoodCell website, nearly 20,000 people took actions to become a member. 


Life Changing Science

GoodCell are leaders in science and medicine.  We helped them reimagine their brand—clarifying their essence and capturing their distinct character within a modern digital-first brand.

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