Peloton 'Inside A Ride'


Since launch in 2012, Peloton has revolutionised the at-home fitness market to become the $4 billion superbrand it is today.

And in November 2018, the brand launched in the UK with a bang.

But that was no easy task.

Peloton is incomparable as a product: plenty of benefits to communicate yet little in terms of reference point for consumers to grasp given the brand effectively operates a category of one: ‘at-home, immersive, on-demand private studio cycling’.


We launched a campaign to propel the US superbrand into the forefront of the UK public’s attention.

This was achieved through a shock and awe media strategy to give the content a reach as far and wide as possible.

At the heart of the campaign launch was a single piece of hero content; a product demonstration, designed to educate viewers on exactly what it’s like to go inside a Peloton class, and experience Peloton’s world class instructors. This hero TVC execution was supported by out-of-home executions at key commuter hubs around sites relevant to our affluent yet time-poor target demographic with spend across social channels, and importantly with TVC placements being prioritised around key cultural moments where the Peloton audience would be.

During the content creation process, instead of formally writing a script, Peloton instructors were consulted to co-write the narrative to ensure as close of a resemblance as possible to the real-life Peloton experience.

And coupled with a truly iconic British track - Banquet by Bloc Party - this is what made the stand out, setting the tone for the launch of an American brand into the consciousness of the UK consumer. 

The result: a piece of content that was visceral, immersive and above all, authentic to the experience. All the while, communicating Peloton as the hardware, software and media company it is.


This campaign emphatically launched the Peloton brand into a market where pre-existing knowledge was little to none.

And the impact on the wider world has been similarly impressive.

Peloton is now a part of common culture thanks to (unpaid and organic) pick-up and social coverage from celebrity fans of the brand such as David Beckham, Joe Wicks, Rita Ora, Usain Bolt, Piers Morgan and Sir Richard Branson amongst others. This was authentic engagement from a group of celebrities who bought into what the product was about and wanted to shout about and share their experiences of the revolutionary workout.

Peloton also partnered with Mission PR on the launch, achieving widespread national editorial coverage in The Times, The Daily Mail, The Guardian and The Independent. The campaign has effectively encouraged discussion of ‘at-home fitness’ amongst the British public, and in establishing Peloton as the must-have fitness product, not only within our target demographic, but in society more broadly.

A six fold increase in awareness


Peloton 'Inside A Ride'

A campaign launching Peloton into the UK market.

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