Scotland At Night

The Challenge

No one could visit Rough Guide's most beautiful country in the world because of COVID. VisitScotland needed to remind people that even in dark times, the dramatic beauty of Scotland was still there.

We wanted to get local and international audiences to fall in love with a place they couldn’t even visit. And as one of the most photographed destinations in the world, we needed to do it in a completely new way. 

The Solution

Scotland is a country of legends, where dancing balls of light, mischievous Will-o'-the-Wisps, lead travelers to new discoveries.  

So we captured Scotland at night, creating the first tourism film shot in total darkness.  

We used a modified heavy-lift drone to fly a purpose-built 12000-watt spotlight around Scotland's best-known landmarks, accompanied by a stunt drone, emulating a mythical Wisp.  

All in camera with no CGI, we showcased the country as never before, reminding people of Scotland’s beauty in a truly innovative way.  

Turn the lights down, sit back and take in the stunning beauty and awe of Scotland at night.

Neil Walker, Creative Director, Dentsu Creative


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I'm falling in love with a place I haven't yet had the privilege of visiting.

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I believe this is the most beautiful thing I've seen in a very long time.

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This video made my heart flutter - it felt like watching someone I am in love with.

Instagram, User

All the magic and mysteries of Scotland live in this incredible video... Just Amazing!

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Scotland At Night

Scotland at Night was the first tourism film in the world to promote a country captured in pitch darkness. Created while no one could travel due to Covid, VisitScotland needed to remind people that even in dark times, the dramatic beauty of Scotland is still there.

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