Value we created (the results)

  • 200% increase in benefit redemptions
  • 250% increase in app engagement with membership
  • 6% increase in email open rates 


The business problem we solved

In a competitive world of price comparison sites the UK’s largest motoring organisation wasin danger of becoming just another breakdown insurance provider. Their member experience had become very transactional. Customers were becoming disengaged with the many low value benefits and frequent untargetted communications.

As a result, many customers weren’t seeing the value in their membership and leaving for a cheaper deal after only a year.

What we did

Research showed us that if people saw themselves as ‘members’ rather than just ‘customers’ they were five times more likely to stay with the AA.

Our challenge was to make the AA’s customers feel like members again.

So we relaunched AA membership with a simple goal: To increase customers' engagement with their member benefits so they could feel the everyday benefits of being with the AA - even if they don’t break down.



“Digitas have been integral in the transformation of our member experience. As a partner they combine a deep understanding of our business with clear strategic focus and creative excellence." 

Sarah Keyes, Head of CRM and Membership, The AA



How we did it

The AA was founded in 1905 by four driving enthusiasts on a mission to keep motorists moving. So we created a new member experience around a proposition that remained true to the brand's purpose: helping members be better prepared for the everyday unexpected.

This proposition informed the creative platform ‘Good to Go’ and a new customer journey from welcome to renewal. A simplified range of useful everyday benefits and targeted cross-sell communications now create a more compelling and consistent brand experience, helping members see the value of their relationship with the AA above and beyond breakdown assistance.



AA Membership Relaunch

Redining AA membership to increase customer retention



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