Wilder Future

The Challenge

Raise awareness of wildlife depletion in Britain and show that it can still be reversed.

The Insight

People don't react positively to bleak, preachy messaging, but they do to much loved characters (and Sir David Attenborough).

The Solution

Create the Wilder Futures campaign, making an attention-grabbing movie trailer for a dystopian Wind In the Willows to push the government towards much-needed law changes.


The percentage of lowland meadows and the wildflowers, insects, mammals and birds they supported that have completely disappeared Since Grahame put pen to paper.


The Wind In The Willows

We re-imagined The Wind In The Willows in 2019. The product was a far cry from the nostalgic, pastoral haven of Kenneth Grahames original tale, revealing the damage we've done to British wildlife.



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