Responding to consumer desires with the lanch of Joy Fills

Background and brief

Mondelēz was looking to meet consumer demands for sweet and convenient snacks with a multi-generational platform of products always delivering on a “delicious yet light” experience.

The new biscuits leverage beloved power brands like Oreo and Cadbury to ensure taste and satisfaction; in a new convenient on the go format. The bite-sized treats are light biscuits with a crispy shell filled with sweet and savory flavors. 

We partnered with Mondelēz to create the modern and playful snack brand anchored in the munching universe. In addition to delivering a new to world brand and global packaging system, a brand style guide was key to ensure a successful launch.

The new brand needed to communicate:

•      The new product and brand proposition

•      Power Brands

•      Product attributes/Taste Appeal (Lightness, Crunch, Creamy, Abundance)

•      Occasion attributes (Playful and Fun)

•      Ensure Flavour navigation 

Combining forces for a power marque

The combination of the powerbrand and brand colors within one logo illustrates the unique proposition Joy Fills offers – a new snacking format with beloved brands.

The Joy Fills wordmark is handcrafted and intentionally stacked to emphasize the word “Joy”, which contains the iconic Joy Fills smile. The corners of the type are rounded to convey approachability and the letterforms are thicker to maintain boldness and visibility at shelf.


The dash of the familiar and a dose of new

Joy Fills leverages the popularity of beloved brands, Oreo and Cadbury, while showcasing the unique new product.

We leveraged a universal emotion ‘Joy’ and implemented this sentiment across the name and visual packaging architecture. You’ll see expressions of Joy in the name, holding shape and product cascade. Our design, simplistic in nature but executed to standout in a crowded shelf environment by deploying familiar category codes and power brand equities.

Taking the snacking market by storm

Four variants are available: Joy Fills Oreo, Joy Fills Oreo Choco Caramel Creme, Joy Fills Cadbury Milk Chocolate Creme, and Joy Fills Cadbury Choco Cookie Creme.

The launch of Joy Fills in the UK and other European markets marks a big moment for us. We have not spared any effort to craft a product that delivers the great taste consumers expect from our Power Brands in an uplifting treat that won’t weigh them down, and is easy to snack anytime, anywhere. The pack design does an amazing job in communicating the new product offering while remaining true to the Power Brands and establishing ‘Joy Fills’ as a new brand. It’s a testament to the fantastic partnership we had with Dragon Rouge all along this journey.

Steven Saenen, Global Senior Innovation Manager, Mondelēz


Oreo/Cadbury Joy Fills brand creation

Brand creation and distinctive, stand-out pack design for Joy Fills - a new biscuit line launched by Mondelez in the UK in response to consumer demand for a great-tasting, convenient snack.