Connecting SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment UK with Florida Intenders

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment is one of the biggest theme park and entertainment companies in the US, with four famous brands in its portfolio: SeaWorld, Aquatica, Busch Gardens and Discovery Cove. SeaWorld Parks UK are undergoing an enormous transformation from animal entertainment brand to a conservation cause driven organisation. We have been working with them since 2017 to help them showcase their modern focus on environmental protection and education.

Our on-going UK media strategy aims to drive awareness and purchase intent with UK holiday-makers travelling to Florida.

The UK travel market is highly competitive and complex, particularly when it comes to the attractions that are on offer at overseas destinations. Our biggest challenge is that the brand is not a key driving force for travellers to select Florida as a destination. To ensure we maximise the return on media spend and effectiveness of our activity, our strategy focuses on leveraging relevant data sources to connect with those who have already chosen to travel to Florida across a diverse media portfolio including digital, social and print.

As activity continues, we are able to optimise activity to take advantage of audience opportunities, moments and interests.

Increase in traffic to the website
SeaWorld search uplift delivered by Programmatic
Reduction in CPM


SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment - connecting SeaWorld Parks UK to Florida Intenders

eight&four partner with SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment UK to drive awareness and purchase intent with UK holiday-makers travelling to Florida, leveraging audience insight and search trends.

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