eight&four x Royalty: Driving Retention in Mobile Gaming

The Challenge

With the program launching in the USA in 2020, we needed to build trust with the Candy Crush audiences, giving them a reason to leave the game and spend their valuable time and money in the separate Royalty portal.

The Solution


Royalty members are highly engaged Candy Crush Saga players, with many on level 10,000 or more. In order to stay on top of their game, it’s vital we understand what they want to ensure they keep returning to the Royalty platform.


Content is seen across a range of formats and platforms, but in all instances engagement is crucial. We’re using our extensive expertise combined with ongoing performance learnings to tweak our concepts and output on a channel-by-channel basis to give them the best chance of landing perfectly.


With the nature of the game, things can happen quickly in the Candy Crush world. In order to create reactive content around sales and events, a number of our in-house content specialists are embedded in the Royalty world, ensuring that we’re always able to turn around content quickly.

The Impact

Increased content engagement by 34%
between Q2 and Q3 2021
Customer satisfaction has increased from 16% to 75%
in just a 6 month period since we took over the content strategy
Closing the content spend loop
A positive correlation between clicks on content and spend on Royalty


eight&four x Royalty: Driving Retention in Mobile Gaming

We started our relationship with King in 2017 from a single content creation brief. Since 2020, we have worked with them to deliver 'Royalty', a successful and highly profitable loyalty programme.

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