Creme Eggs are only on sale until Easter, so we needed a way to drive frenzied sales, fast. We had established a successful campaign the previous year, ‘Creme Egg Hunting Season’, and it was clear that there was appetite to go hunting.

But our audience is driven more than anything by newness. With an unchanging product and a campaign they’d seen before, how could we make the world of Creme Egg Hunting Season so irresistibly desirable that we’d grow the brand even more than we did in 2017?


We gave Creme Egg fans what they least expected: the chance to get their hands on one of a limited run of white chocolate Creme Eggs. The hunt reached fever pitch which was the perfect moment to announce Creme Egg Camp - a fully immersive, themed forest where people could go hunting for delicious chocolate eggs and share their experiences on social media.

From eating Fon-goo in the tree house, hearing an acoustic-guitar player sing Creme Egg songs around the campfire and taking photos in a giant nest; we designed everything from scratch, with Creme Egg’s branding and cheeky personality coming through wherever people looked.


Creme Egg Camp smashed its targets of driving reach, engagement and ultimately brand growth...

Media coverage of the camp generated 175 million OTS.

Value sales of single Creme Eggs grew 22.8% while the camp was live, which is incredible for a brand of this scale.

And finally, we raised over £25k for the Prince’s Trust.

camp visitors
23 million
people reached
positive sentiment

For Hunting Season 2018, we knew we had to do something bigger and better than we’d ever done before... We built our fans a place to hunt for our deliciously gooey goodies to give them more of what they wanted. The build was incredible, and most importantly, our fans absolutely loved it.

Aislinn Campbell, Brand Manager, Mondelēz


Creme Egg Camp

Hunting Season had recruited a loyal online army of Creme Egg fanatics. And we wanted to surprise them with a real-world experience. So we did the extraordinary and built a Creme Egg hunter’s paradise in the corner of East London – a giant forest called Creme Egg Camp.

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