Launching new Doro devices to over 65s

The challenge

Doro, the global leader in telecoms for over 65s, tasked us with supporting the launch of its new devices in the UK, the 6620 and 8080. Via a multi-channel approach our objective was to raise awareness and drive conversions specifically on

This brief added to our ongoing work with the brand having been in place as Doro's retained PR and social media agency since 2017.

The solution

As a senior citizen, buying the right phone can be a tough decision – particularly if you face challenges with hearing or grip for example. Fortunately, the 6620 and 8080 both have unique features which make handling calls so much easier. We tailored our approach to two, distinct audiences – optimising/developing creatives and helping to bring the campaign to life across multiple channels. The campaign involved a two-phased approach, first raising awareness and then driving traffic and conversion.

Analysing paid social metrics based on previous campaigns we had run for Doro, we noted specific trends that shaped our campaign plan. This included the fact that Facebook paid ads perform particularly well in driving low CPM and high engagements well amongst our senior, user audience.

When researching digital ad placements that we could explore, it was noted that digital audio ads drive high impressions amongst key target audiences. This led us to create an audio ad with a voice actor of our choice to convey the message we wanted in an authentic way.

An approach tailored to our audience

Our client’s main KPI was to drive product sales through the Amazon webshop. To hit that goal Eulogy embarked on a phased approach that drove awareness initially before driving sales through retargeting.

The first phase was focused on driving mass-awareness, and we decided on channels and placements where we could get a low CPM and high brand attribution. As we were promoting two product launches, we were mindful of ensuring little overlap between the two campaigns.

We utilised Digital OOH ads in busy retail environments across the UK where we were able to guarantee high footfall and as such, high visibility of the ads for the 8080. This, coupled with an extensive paid social campaign, spanning Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, ensured we were able to promote Doro’s flagship product in a successful way.

The second phase of the campaign focused on retargeting engaged users on social media with traffic-optimised ads, driving high volumes of traffic to the webshop. In each social media campaign phase, we tested different types of creatives against each other; having one creative route that featured product-led creatives whilst the other routes used lifestyle content.

This allowed us to tweak the paid campaign whilst the ads were running, and allocate the majority of the spend to the ads that were driving the highest ROI. 

A similar approach was utilised to promote the 6620, however with a focus on audio, through Spotify and digital audio ad placements, and a print ad in Saga Magazine. We recorded two different variations of the audio ads that were used across the various channels driving successful results that overdelivered on expected impressions.

What we did

  • Creative development for digital audio, print and OOH ads
  • Social paid strategy across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube
  • Earned media outreach, focusing on product reviews
  • Media buying across print, digital audio, and OOH, including across six high footfall shopping centres across the UK
  • Recorded two audio ads, aimed at our target audiences
Impressions for the 8080 digital OOH
Impressions across audio ads
Second phase CPC (£0.40 under benchmark)
Doro best seller
The 8080 during the promotion
Pieces of earned coverage
Reach of earned coverage


Launching Doro devices to over 65s

Eulogy launched Doro's 6620 and 8080 in the UK. Using a multi-channel approach we raised awareness of the devices and their unique features aimed at a senior audience. Phase two drove traffic and conversion helping the 8080 to quickly become the brand's best selling handset.

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