Andrex: Clean is a Feeling

The Insight

Clean is a Feeling came from the simple human truth, that clean is more than a physical state, it is a source of confidence.

The Idea

‘Clean is a Feeling’ is a cheeky ode to the confidence we all feel when we’re clean and at our best. It’s a celebration of happy bottoms of every shape, age and size, ending with the happiest (and fluffiest) posterior of them all, the iconic Andrex puppy.

The Work

‘Clean is a Feeling’ is a digital first campaign, designed to work across social, in small formats, and to make a big creative impact in a small amount of time. This helps us to connect with the next generation of Andrex customers. With this approach and creative platform, ‘Clean is a feeling’ marks a new, more emotive direction for the UK’s favourite toilet tissue.


Andrex: Clean is a Feeling

“Clean is a Feeling” is a significant change in direction for the UK’s leading toilet roll brand. At its heart, “Clean is a Feeling” focuses on the confidence that only Andrex can give you when you feel clean and at your best.

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