Pura: Brand Launch

Pura is a brand-new, UK based, family-run company on a mission: to democratise eco-friendly baby products for all. Born from a vision shared by the founders, Guy and Abi Fennell, to shake up the baby care market, challenge current market leaders, and make eco affordable for all. Pura believes that being eco-friendly is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity.

To support the direct-to-consumer, subscription model of the products, the launch was supported with a social and digitally led launch campaign, and supported by TV, VOD, PR and influencers to launch the brand’s first product: Pura baby wipes and nappies.

The Insight

90% of wipes currently sold in the UK contain plastic, meaning they can last over 100 years in landfill. Yet, the vast majority of consumers are not aware the wipes they are using contain plastic.

The Idea

We are damaging our children’s world with the essentials we’re using to look after them. Therefore, our campaign uses babies as the messengers to deliver the serious problems caused by wipes.

Campaign Launch Film

Babies of the world are not happy. They’ve found out about plastic wipes and they’re demanding a change! Featuring on TV, digital and social, we cast over 70 babies to find the bubbliest, funniest, grumpiest, most expressive little ones to launch our biodegradable wipe revolution for eco baby brand, Pura. Because who better to demand that we grown-ups stop messing up the planet, than the people who’ll have to clean it up when we’re all gone?!


Through a robust strategy of education and advocacy, we created a hard-hitting launch campaign that drove real results.

To create brand salience, our pre-launch comms used real parents and influencers to educate parents on the truth about wipes – that 90% contain plastic and they can last over 100 years! We then used our babies at launch to reveal the brand that’s here to solve this problem.


Pura: Brand Launch

We helped to launch, Pura, the new, family-run start-up brand aiming to shake-up baby care by making eco-friendly parenting easy and affordable. The campaign launched with a film using babies as the powerful messengers to hit home the serious problems caused by regular wipes.

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