Gleneagles had a website that was confusing and overwhelming, especially on mobile where it suffered high bounce rates and low conversion. Keen to reposition as a destination, not only a hotel, it was key to ensure the experience felt relevant to multiple audiences.


A 'mobile first' approach was crucial to improve the previously poor mobile performance, and meet the expectations of prospective guests. It needed to highlight all that Gleneagles has to offer without assaulting the senses, whilst inspiring visitors to book a room as well as a range of activities.


Collaborating closely with the client brand team enabled us to deliver an aesthetic that reflects a contemporary take on 20s splendour and opulence. Inspired by the hotel’s interiors, the layered design and UI components add depth and a tactile feeling to the site and serve as an extension of the guest experience. A digital declutter was key to delivering a first class experience, and we reduced number of pages from 200+ to 80, streamlining content whilst maintaining key information and SEO ranking.

A modular & elegant design system was developed to ensure consistency and enable users to easily scan pages on any device.

By applying e-commerce learnings to hospitality we delivered an effortless and elegant site that makes users feel like hotel guests from their 1st click - so that every moment in their digital experience is done the ‘Gleneagles way’. Built on Wordpress, an intuitive CMS allows for easily amended and added content, whilst always staying on brand.


The new site has delivered on key objectives. By bringing the glorious playground to life, more users are finding the content they need, consuming more of it, and progressing into the booking engine or to make an enquiry.

70% YoY increase in booking conversion
July – Sept 2020


A mobile first web solution for the 'glorious playground'

Gleneagles tasked Feed with a website redesign, to better reflect the updated brand and deliver an exceptional digital experience representative of this iconic, one of a kind 5* destination.

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