Transforming NTS from a once shy visitor organisation to a much-loved conservation charity.

The bottom line

Changing from a visitor attraction strategy increased the number of people signing up as members of NTS, creating stronger long-term growth. 

The problem

For many years the Trust (NTS) had been promoted as a day out destination. This meant competing with and getting lost amongst a huge range of paid and free visitor attractions. 

With over 100 properties, 300,000 artefacts and 76,000 hectares of countryside and gardens, the Trust protects, cares for and speaks up for Scotland’s heritage – yet much of this work was hidden behind the scenes. 

The strategy

We went back to the organisation’s core purpose and realised we needed to encourage more people to visit, become members and donate to the charity because it was a charity. 

The insight

Motivation for any act of altruism comes from belief in the cause.

If we love something, we are more likely to want to protect, care for and nurture it. 

And it turns out that Scots love the very things that the Trust is set up to protect.

The idea

We do what we do for the love of Scotland.

The Trust is so much more than a day out. It’s a charity which looks after some of the country’s most important built and natural heritage.

Our strategy was a huge u-turn for the Trust. ‘For the love of Scotland’ is about getting people to see NTS as a charitable organisation; to collectively care about the work they do and understand why they do it.

The results

Spontaneous brand awareness increased by 18%. 

The campaign led to more people becoming members of NTS. And more importantly, remaining members, retention during the campaign period was up 63% in year one and 16% in year two indicating stronger long-term brand growth.

Winner – Marketing Society Star Awards -  Brand Campaign of the Year, 2019

At Frame you have lived up to your name by helping us completely reframe what we do at the Trust. You got us to see that we protect what we look after because of love. Put together you are helping a once shy and invisible charity be in the frame of the public’s hearts and minds. Thank you for your labour of love on our behalf. And this is just the start of the story that you will help us write as we go forward.

Mark Bishop, Director of Customer & Cause


Transforming NTS from a once shy visitor organisation to a much-loved conservation charity.

We went back to the Trust’s core purpose & realised we needed to encourage people to visit, become members and donate to the charity because it was a charity. More people joined & visited as members rather than one-off day visitors, indicating a stronger connection to the cause.

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