Helping Lake District Cheese gain a coveted place in the top 3 of UK cheddar brand sales

The bottom line

Our campaign delivered sales growth that moved Lake District Cheddar from 5th to 3rd place in a tough to shift FMCG category.

The brief

The pre-packed cheddar market is a super crowded place. Lake District Cheddar were using aggressive price promotions but struggling to gain market share. We needed a way for the brand to stand out. 

The insight

The Laughing Cow. Jolly Green Giant. Tony the Tiger.

It’s proven that consumers engage with food brand mascots, who give often faceless brands distinctiveness and memorability, along with much needed emotional connection.

The Idea

Welcome to the land of Milk and Bunny.

We took the opportunity to differentiate and develop a personality at the same time – by making characters out of the brand’s logo. This was a way to stand out from the category norms of brands based on tradition and provenance. 

Rather than focusing on mainstream media where ‘share of voice’ would be low against the dominant big brands, we decided to focus on proximity to retailers where we could generate lots of interest and engagement at the point of purchase. Effectively outperforming other big spending brands through making a bigger noise in a smaller space.

The results

The campaign led to a 232% increase in volume sales, moving the brand from 5th to 3rd place in the branded pre-packed cheddar markets. 

The brand’s value increased from £39m to £63m over two years.


Helping Lake District Cheese gain a coveted place in the top 3 of UK cheddar brand sales

Most cheese brands are based on tradition and provenance. Instead we used brand characters to short cut the crowded cheese category, creating brand salience. The resulting long-term sales growth moved Lake District Cheese from 5th to 3rd place in this tough category.

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