A bold new online flagship experience


Seeking new ways to connect online

With the move to online shopping during the pandemic, LEGO could no longer rely on its own stores to offer a distinctively magical customer experience. needed to work harder as a brand-building asset, as well as offering an alternative to the more transactional nature of many online LEGO stockists.  


Crafting signature moments

frog is partnering with LEGO to update its brand identity into a modern, digital-first design system and more meaningful, engaging and unique ‘signature moments’ through Our work has allowed LEGO to reassert control of a distinctive, engaging brand experience and deliver value beyond transactional commerce.

Investing in a digital future

LEGO is one of the most successful brands in the world, with fans of all ages. While the pandemic closed their retail outlets, their online sales boomed. LEGO are now investing in their digital future – raising the bar of their ecommerce experience, implementing a new brand direction and exploring innovation opportunities as well as exploring new collaborative ways of working.


A new brand innovation partner

We have worked on projects across different teams in LEGO to introduce flagship moments and a new brand direction to the ecommerce site; developed an MVP service that aims to boost family togetherness; imagined new digital experiences including rethinking their iconic ‘Pick a Brick’ service; and helped set the foundations for innovation in their Creative Play Lab by grounding their process in real shopper needs.

Scores for relevance & purchase intent with 1000
Markets, 5 different languages
Families have tested Family Hub ideas



Crafting signature moments

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