Each year The Electoral Commission aim to drive more applications to the electoral register ahead of elections, be they Local, General or otherwise. This year, for the third year running, we were tasked with driving applications solely for Local Elections, which tend to be the lowest interest and most recently the General Election.


Whilst previous EC campaigns had focused on loss aversion as their core theme, our desktop research unearthed the audience insight that under-registered groups were united not by their disinterest in politics, but by their likelihood to have moved house recently, so using this intel we set out to reposition the registration process as an admin task with our campaign Got 5?. 


We identified the moments during which our audience were likely to have 5 minutes of downtime when they could be registering to vote. Using tools such as YouGov Profiles and IPA Touchpoints we mapped out the daily life of each of our distinct audiences to understand at which points in the day they were likely to have down time and then cross referenced this against the media channels they were likely to come into contact with during those moments.

From there we developed an integrated plan to reach them in those 5 minute moments, with three core phases and roles for our comms. Across the plan we used postcode data to ensure we were reaching those individuals living with relevant voting areas who would therefore count towards our overall applications targets.

Ignite Conversation

The first phase centred around a blended AV plan which utilised regional linear TV, targeted Sky AdSmart, BVOD and Social Video to reach our overall audience of all eligible voting age adults and drive maximum reach in the shortest time possible. Accessing premier position in break to ensure viewers had a full 5 minutes to complete their registration.

Fuel Relevance

Supported by Digital Audio, Sponsored Podcasts and Social Stories in the second phase to access moments of hyper-relevance for our under-registered groups (Students, Recent Homemovers, Private Renters). We utilised digital channels where we could access data to increase relevance of targeting and messaging; including data sharing partnerships with Zoopla and NUS.

Drive Urgency

The third phase was solely focused on ensuring maximum conversions within the final weeks of the campaign when we knew our audience were more likely to apply, so we used DR channels and messaging to ensure people were aware of the upcoming deadline and felt the urgency to register. We used sequential targeting in this phase to ensure people had been exposed to previous activity and increased the urgency by introducing countdown tech to show the time remaining ahead of the deadline. We used this same approach across digital OOH inventory at bus stops and in train stations to increase presence in daily 5-minute moments. We continued to access data through partners to ensure relevance, but overlaid contextual targeting across a number of relevant verticals; politics, home moving, study, to serve dynamic copy with a relevant visual and copy message for the individual user.


During the planning phase we worked with The Commission to set targets, build measurement frameworks and a tracking study to ensure the campaign was focused on driving results. We achieved:

o   137% of our target for applications. A 10% improvement YoY

o   Well over half a million additions to the Electoral register over the 5-week campaign

o   At an incredible Cost Per Registration of £1.75

The campaign won an effectiveness award at the UK Agency Awards.


GOT 5? (Creative/ Media/ Fluent Device)

How we helped The Electoral Commission move from a loss aversion strategy to a data-driven one to increase voter registration ahead of elections.

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