Use an integrated approach to creative and media to overcome the default behaviour of British small businesses and investors looking for financial support: make them think twice about going to generalist high-street banks and instead consider Close Brothers – a specialist.


People are frustrated with high street banks: they find them corporate, impersonal, slow, inflexible and unreliable. We saw the opportunity to position Close Brothers as everything a high-street bank was not.


Drawing on the old-fashioned merchant banking values of personal service, integrity and prudence, we created Modern Merchant Banking – the 21st century equivalent of the trusted merchant banking of old. And we made sure we acted differently to high street banks too: combining a dynamic, non-corporate branded visual approach with short form ’30 second success story’ video content for time-starved small businesses and an innovative Times partnership that helped people make sense of the jargon-filled world of investing. 


Since the campaign began in 2014, it has helped deliver year on year increases in profit across Close Brothers Group which are now 58% higher than when the campaign began. This has been driven by increases of up to 100% in levels of ad recall, awareness, consideration and recommendation across key audience segments.


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