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We are Given, the brand purpose agency. We build brands by making business a force for good. We work collaboratively with ambitious teams in leading brands to evolve their purpose agenda, create purposeful change and make purpose powerful.

Now is a key moment in the life of every brand on the planet. It’s time to unite your people and customers to build your future.





Do moments like COP26 really matter, and how do we make the most of them?

Moments like COP26 always generate conversation, momentum & a sense of urgency around climate change, even if it's just for a moment. They are pivotal occasions where political will, business leadership & consumer demand come together to set a new standard for action. We convened a roundtable discussion to stimulate conversation among leading sustainability experts, centred on one question: do these moments really matter when it comes to driving business change, & how can we make the most of it?


The Insiders' Guide to Purpose

With the topic of purpose being pushed higher up the agenda than ever before, we wanted to create an insight-rich guide to help purpose practitioners drive genuine and impactful change within their organisation. The 'Insiders' Guide to Purpose' shares learnings and principles that we have learned through our experience of working in the engine room of purpose over the past decade, and also has some advice from leading brands on their journey.


When should brands become activists?

Nearly three quarters of consumers believe companies should do more than just offer a product or service, with 57% prepared to boycott a brand that doesn’t align with their social beliefs. With demand like this from consumers, it’s no wonder that brand activism has become a mainstream marketing strategy. But when is brand activism a good idea? Why does it sometimes miss the mark? And how do brands avoid empty virtue signalling or even damaging their reputation?


How to spot (and avoid) Purpose Wash

“Purpose wash” has become a catch all term for any business that talks with purpose, that uses their products, brand, campaigns, people, to contribute to positive change - but does not back this up with comprehensive action across every aspect of what they do. So how do you get purpose right? We heard from Katie Leggett at innocent, Sarah Gillard from the John Lewis Partnership, Mark Hamilton of Facebook and Jane Stiller at ITV at our event on “purpose wash” and this is what they had to say.