Find your baseline and rise above it

BioBase is the first digital product from Biobeats, who we’d just help launch their rebrand. Biobeats create digital products that change the way people look at, deal with and take control of their wellbeing.

BioBeats first product, Hear and Now, looked at tools to help people to cope with and control their stress, initially all based around sound, heart monitoring and a deep breathing exercise. Our job was to help rename and reintroduce the product through a new brand identity and to rewrite the app’s UX.

We helped to create BioBase – a guided wellbeing course within an app that helps you to understand where your stress comes from and teaches you how to cope with, control and reduce it.

What the app offers as a service was daily coping mechanisms and exercises for stress, along with user data to show progress, all of which creates positive reinforcement and understanding. The app isn’t about ‘curing’ stress but helping people to cope, control and reduce – to help people to find their baseline of stress and then rise above it on a daily basis.

So that’s where the name ‘BioBase’ and the strapline came from – BioBase helps you to find your baseline and rise above it, every day.

The brand identity follows the idea of ‘sunrise’, from dawn until the sun is at it’s highest point, which was used as a representation of progress in a person and their improved wellbeing.

Crafting the logo

The BioBase logo shares similarities with its parent company, BioBeats. We used the same font and kerning as well as focussing on the ‘o’ of ‘Bio’ as the identifiable logo mark. The BioBase technology enables people to take a journey of self-discovery and improvement, so the logo had to reflect this. The three mountain peaks were designed because of their connotations of adventure. Combined with the colour gradients that imply a sunrise, this conjures connotations of enlightenment and betterment.

UX to paint a brighter outlook

The purpose of the app actually helped us to write the user journey. Through a series of card-based activities show that by completing each card the sun would rise a little more, from dawn, each day, and help lift tone and mood of the app, painting a brighter outlook and user progress.

The purpose of the app actually helped us to write the user journey. When each card is completed the sun rises a little more, so by working through the series of card-based activities, each day, from dawn, the tone and mood of the app will lift, painting a brighter outlook and showing user progress.

Illustration to bridge between reality and imagination

The activity cards contain an illustrated face, that would sit in front of the sun mechanic that represented each in a light, playful, engaging and also surreal manner. Stress can for some create a sense of hyper-reality, and while we won’t get into the details of the parts that the amygdala and the frontal context play, the idea was to show a disconnect, or a bridge depending on what way you look at it, between reality and imagination.

Our app needed an overhaul, from graphics and animation/illustrations to tiny UX/UI details. Hatched worked with our development team and patiently guided us through to a much cleaner, and much more exciting UX. Great work, and great people.

David Plans, CEO at BioBeats

The BioBeam wearable

The BioBeam wearable is a simple smartwatch that helps connect your body to the BioBase app, so actually, your body can input data to the app without you doing anything at all, again trying to make it as easy as possible for the user.


The supporting website contained brochure content but also the help centre for both the app and the wearable, BioBeam. The site sits within the parent brand website, as a product page. Here we reinstall the BioBeats brand and difference between brand and product.

The results

Since the rebrand of BioBeats, and the creation of their latest product BioBase, the company has gone from strength to strength, leading the way in digital health and artificial intelligence.

They have recently closed a £2.4M funding round led by Oxford Sciences Innovation (OSI), White Cloud and IQ Capital. The new investment will support the company as they focus on delivering their cutting-edge wellbeing solutions to a global audience.

Working with Hatched is a pure pleasure and we hope they don't take on too many clients, as to be honest, we'd like to keep them as our own secret weapon...

Rosa Glover, Content Director at BioBeats

For the full case study please visit our website: BioBase - Brand Identity and App Design


Biobase - Brand Identity & App Design

BioBase is a guided wellbeing course within an app that helps you to understand where your stress comes from and teaches you how to cope with, control and reduce it.

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