Start living life from the inside out.

No.1 Living kombucha is a living, unpasteurised, healthy drink created by fermenting tea. Its journey started in 2018 with one man, Jonny Wilkinson, and his focus on the relationship we have with ourselves, our mind and our body and his will to share with people a way to start living from the inside out, a way that starts with No.1 Living kombucha.

As a new brand, social channels are a fundamental way to further create brand presence and brand loyalty, as well as communicate the brand beliefs and personality. We, therefore, were tasked with re-looking at their social channels, coming up with a new strategy and redesigning the content to bring a more stylised and unified look-and-feel, and add more life and personality to the brand.

Inspiring a taste for life and for living.

No.1 Living was created to inspire a taste for life and living, and the social posts that we have planned, written, designed and posted hope to drive this inspiration in its followers.

The content is planned around a calendar, ensuring the key messaging and beliefs of the brand are communicated clearly as well as also including themed content that is posted on dates to note and holidays etc.

The new design style brings much more colour to the feed which is reflective of the flavours and packaging of the brand. Alongside more colour, the new, much more considered feed features bold typography, beautiful photography and energetic illustration, resulting in a social feed which is more on-brand and more reflective of the website.

From the very first meeting, Hatched understood our challenges and quickly found an intelligent and creative solution to our brief. They are a great team and good fun to work with but more importantly, they truly cared about our brand and everything we were trying to do.

Alex Walker, Head of Marketing


Previously, with lots of user-generated content used, we felt the imagery lacked a unified aesthetic and didn’t demonstrate the flavours. With the new look and feel for the photography we wanted to put the product at the heart of the brand and create an archive of images that showcased both the product and the flavours.

Using a range of contrasting backgrounds, a variety of props and the ingredients that feature in the flavours of the drinks, we were able to create a rich library of photographs in a unified style that really brings the product to life and puts it front and centre.

Social Feed

When planning each post, we didn’t want to think of each of them individually as this is what can create a disjointed brand. We feel, when planning and designing content it’s important to think of the feed as a whole. To ensure content isn’t repeated, there is an even mix of image-based content vs typography-based content to create a feed that flows with constant inspiring and on-brand content for its followers.


By creating more vibrant and onbrand content that really showcases the brand on their social channels, No.1 Living is already seeing a positive difference and impact in just a four month period. With 1.1million impressions, a follower increase of 17.5%, Instagram engagement up 136%, Twitter impressions up 152% and a 457% increase of messages and comments received, the new social channel content has only had a positive effect and long may this continue.

If you want to check out the new No.1 Living feed, fancy following it or want to show it some love, you can follow No.1 Living here.

For the full case study please visit our website: No.1 Living

Hatched have built us a platform to really develop and evolve No.1 Living and we look forward to building our relationship with them as the brand grows.

Tim Lennox, CEO


No.1 Living - Social Strategy

No.1 Living was created to inspire a taste for life and living, and the social posts that we have planned, written, designed and posted hope to drive this inspiration in its followers, resulting in 1.1 million impressions and a 457% increase in consumer interactions.

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