Nuffield foundation are an independent charitable trust with a mission to advance educational opportunity and social wellbeing. They help to fund research that informs social policy, primarily in Education, Welfare and Justice.The website is a fundamental part of Nuffield Foundation’s communication for collaboration with researchers, teachers, project teams, students and journalists.

It was our job to reinvigorate the website through UX design and development, creating a user experience that made life easier for every demographic, and encouraged them to get behind a change in social-wellbeing. It would also see the rollout of the new brand guidelines on their digital platform.

The power to change lives through evidence

The overarching concept for the Nuffield Foundation website was about changing the purpose of the website as a whole, to move from an archive of research to a proactive, encouraging and empowering platform where people are given opportunity to help with social-wellbeing.

The messaging therefore has to be more brand focussed and celebratory about the projects and potential of all projects to create impact towards the mission. The belief of Nuffield Foundation is that there is power to change lives through evidence. Therefore, it is our belief that if we can give people the tools to create that evidence through funding so they can provide valuable research or by creating opportunity for young people to get involved through social mobility, we are helping to empower people to be a part of that change. The website houses every interaction, from company information and research to funding opportunity and placement applications.

UX design

The balance of this website hinged on how we delivered a host of different interactions and features with the differing demographics. However most of the website was built around two core UX aspects – finding content through dynamic, multifaceted search, and applying for funding through eligibility tools.

Card-based page navigation

Through the UX we maintain a card-based user flow and sorting system based on user preference and relevant content. Research pillars, projects, events, news, impact reports all follow a slightly different styling that helps separate way-finding and content type, but all provide the same basis for UX, in large easy-click/touch, mobile-first navigation to further content.

Thanks to Hatched, our digital presence has taken an enormous leap forward. From the start, their innovative approach to our website redevelopment project has been impressive, with the team going above and beyond to deliver a complex site, packed full of new tools and features.

Lillie Gredley, Digital Projects Manager


The evolution and design of the website has helped to move a print-based brand guidelines into an active, digital brand. The website has given Nuffield Foundation a new lease of life that mirrors the Foundation’s ambition going forward.

User testing and analytics show early positives in terms of increased usability and interaction, as well as clearer offering and function as a brand. We look forward to gathering further results and seeing how we can evolve the platform further.

For the full case study please visit our website: Nuffield Foundation


Nuffield Foundation Website Design & Development

Complete UX re-design and development for the new Nuffield Foundation website; a website that empowers the user to become part of the vision – to advance educational opportunity and social wellbeing.

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