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In October of 2018, Thames Valley Air Ambulance became an independent charity, providing emergency critical care across three counties. With their new independence came new leadership, a new direction and a new brand.

Part of the rebrand was to create a new website whereby it would be easy for people to get involved, donate to the charity without fuss, and clearly understand the business and the services it provides for its community.

Saving lives from the ground up

Often thought of as a helicopter only ambulance service, a big part of the website was to reconnect the brand’s messaging of its purpose and how its donors, volunteers and the wider community are all part of the organisation – they wouldn’t be able to do the work they do without them.

Our creative proposition was ‘saving lives from the ground up’. This direction was about showing how the people at TVAA are connected; from the pilot to the receptionist, to you, the user. This promotes a chain of connection to what getting involved or donating means. It recruits people to take action to help a person’s chance of survival, recovery and recuperation.

Mobile first UX design

Like all of our web projects, the new TVAA website is mobile first in design. This helped us to carefully plot a multitude of user journeys that cut out unnecessary steps to donation or to get involved, putting the user in control and feeling empowered by their choices. Our content theory was to support these paths with informative and inspirational content that housed simple and concise information about the charity and a far reaching spectrum of peoples stories, from the team, through to patients or family members that may have been helped by TVAA.


The creation and design of the website has helped to evolve a print-based brand guidelines and now leads all communication. Bold in brand colour, confident in statement driven typography and action in imagery and messaging has created a way to explain a complicated and wider service offering in a very simple way.

Ultimately the website has shown that the charity is less about just helicopters and more about people – the amazing people that work at TVAA and the people who they have a duty of care for – the community.

For the full case study please visit our website: Thames Valley Air Ambulance


Thames Valley Air Ambulance website

A full website redesign and development, making it easy for people to get involved, donate, and clearly understand Thames Valley Air Ambulance and the services they provide to their community.

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