Ladies, Let's Lube

2/3 of people worldwide say they’re not satisfied with the sex they’re having. Perhaps it’s not surprising, given how little we talk about it. So, when Durex asked us to help reposition their Naturals range of lubes, our challenge was about more than simply selling more product. We had to tackle the wider conversation around enjoyment of sex and make a meaningful difference to people’s sex lives.

When people think of lubes, it’s usually in the context of menopausal dryness, or kinky, adventurous sex. But we knew we had to position the Naturals range as a solution to a very specific problem. Discomfort during sex is a common issue amongst women of any age – but less than 50% do anything about it. And the ripple effects from something apparently minor can be significant, disrupting enjoyment of sex, and even damaging relationships. Our aim was to normalise this discomfort and destigmatise the use of lube. 

Through our ongoing platform - built around the call-to-action ‘Ladies, Let’s Lube’ - we’ve done just this. We reframed the role of lube in the lives of modern women. Our communications have focused on overcoming its previously ‘taboo’ status, giving the product a more meaningful role in the eye of the mainstream.


The results

Our message has driven a clear shift in purchase behaviour. Women have started buying it year-round, for themselves, rather than using it only with partners on occasions like Valentine’s Day. 80% of customers are new to the category, with 106% increase in sales from 2017. As a result, the value of Durex’s Gels portfolio has grown by 9%.

More importantly however, our campaign has started to shape people’s attitudes to the brand. With 9 out of 10 women agreeing that our lube has made their sex lives better, Durex has begun to play a more significant role in people’s lives – sparking meaningful connections and breaking down the anxieties that get in the way of good sex.


Havas London: Durex, Ladies, Let's Lube

A playful campaign for Durex that aims to destigmatise female sexual discomfort, highlight its ubiquity and normalise the use of a simple solution: lubrication. It was shot by Fleabag & Killing Eve director Harry Bradbeer and also includes social, online and in-store activity.

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