Subcard® and Subsquad™

We have been working with Subway for 12 years, creating more meaningful and engaging experiences for their customers with 'first of their kind' pan European loyalty programmes.

We firstly helped them launch their loyalty programme, card and app, Subcard across multiple European markets and 100’s of franchises.

Having planned and launched Subcard®, our approach since has been to consistently explore how we can innovate and use their data and the programme to create more meaningful and engaging experiences, addressing customer needs and opportunities that we were able to identify from the transactional and channel behaviour. This has led to engagement innovations (such as Subsquad™ - details below), and tactical initiatives that have not only delighted customers but have also generated incremental revenue with a strong ROI.

The results

Subcard® has 1.5 million active members in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Finland, making over 2.5 million transactions each month, spending over £14 million a month – and it’s still growing.

More about Subsquad™

An example of engagement innovations is the launch of Subsquad™ - the first loyalty scheme where you benefit from the actions of others. Over a million people have a Subcard®, and almost half have the Subcard® app.

We saw that 20% had dined with a friend, so used this insight to develop a scheme that encourages members to dine with friends, form a Subsquad™ and earn additional bonus points if they purchase within four hours. Both word of mouth and friendly peer-pressure are harnessed to drive more sales.

The results

It has driven big results: 38,298 Subsquads have been formed which has resulted in 14,042 new Subcard recruits. In the first 60 days visit frequency was up 62% and in the first 4 months Squaddies spent over £19 more than the regular Subcard members, with a transaction value of £750k. That’s a substantial increase in footfall!


Subcard® and Subsquad™

Over 11 years of creating more meaningful and engaging experiences for Subway customers with 'first of their kind' pan European loyalty programmes - which has driven repeat purchase and advocacy and allowed us to deliver a 17% improvement in ROI.

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