Vodafone #BeUnlimited


To mark the launch of Vodafone’s Unlimited data plans, we were tasked with creating a brand experience that would get the UK excited for Vodafone’s new offering – encouraging people to sign up and join the network.


However, research showed that people are so used to adapting their usage to align with their data allowance that they fail to see the difference unlimited data makes to their lives. Telling them about the plans wasn’t enough – we needed them to experience a life unlimited.


We let people see, hear and feel what it's like to live a life without limits with our #BeUnlimited immersive brand experience. The activation took consumers on a sensory journey to free them from their limited data life, showing that an unlimited connection means unlimited potential.

people experience #BeUnlimited
felt more positive about the Vodafone brand
people reached with bespoke social content before, during & after the tour
increase in Unlimited data sales plans to date


Vodafone #BeUnlimited

We launched Vodafone's new 5G Unlimited data plan offering by daring shoppers to experience an unlimited life by stepping into our immersive, multi-sensory #BeUnlimited.

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